Masturbation Hypnosis Christmas Instruction

December 19, 2013 · 0 comments

Jenny jerkers its sexy Santa home wrecker I sent out a new mind controlling Christmas hypnosis stroke, spoil and squirt jerk off assignment pay to view on Niteflirt. Its waiting in your inbox right now waiting for you to open and deepen your jerk off addiction and lust for me.
(Sing to the tune of Winter Wonderland) I’m going to make your balls and wallet ring, are you you listening, in my lane your cock is glistening. A beautiful site, I’m gonna be happy tonight, Walking in a Jenny jerking wonderland. Cute, I know.
Gift pig Ben was the first to do the Christmas hypnosis stroke assignment and came up with a nice $500 Amazon gift card to make me happy. Keep those gifts and gift cards coming. I want to see my hot UPS guy every single day. Yesterday when Michael my UPS guy came over I had on booty shorts and a sport bra. I purposely answered the door like that and I knew my nipples were rock hard too. He’s always so curious about all these boxes that show up to my place, especially from Amazon. I told him random guys who lust after me all over the world and jack off looking at me on the internet spoil me. Im thinking for New Years I’m going to tell him my site. I can already tell he’s ready to serve me. I can tell by his goofy smile and the bulge in his pants when I talk to him for 5 minuets.

Amazon gift cards to

$500 tribute

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