Meet Party Pig Loser Dan Macalaine

September 9, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s Forced Intoxication at it’s finest with my new loser of the week Dan Macalaine. He was ready to party and I gave him a fair warning that he had no idea who he was dealing with and when I get someone partied up to play, I play hard! Blackmail was practically dripping off my lips knowing how much I was going to extract from this open idiot. He was ripe and ready to go with his vile of nasty cocaine and a big bottle of alcohol to get nice and juiced up and hammered. I always seem to get the guys that think if they give me a phone number to someone close to them that I won’t take on their stupid little challenge and make the phone call.
That wasn’t the case with Dan he was daring enough to give me his boss at work’s number and of course I whipped out my iPhone and called her up on speaker and actually talked to her. Of course I said I was someone else with a question and got her email but, I did prove a major point to this fucked up piggy. After about an hour of his sweating profusely like a whacked out freak I got into his Facebook account and thought I would email a few people some of the pictures that I had taken of good ol Dan. Did I or didn’t I hmmmm, he’s going to have to wait to find out. When you want to play the blackmail game with me you better be prepared for the ultimate fuck over. I’m here to please myself and all I care about is making my wallet bigger. So you wanna play, we’re gonna play hard.
Dan Macalaine 2
Dan Macalaine 1Dan Macalaine 3Dan Macalaine 4

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