Memorial Day Madness Toe Sucking

June 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy post Memorial Day everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was perfect out all weekend I need a break from bbq and beer. Yesterday I was at 3 pool parties I think I need a little relaxing. A little too much flip flop time and my Princess feet are aching too. I need a little foot slut to come massage my arches.
I took some serious loser call’s yesterday on Niteflirt, I always leave my lines on during the holiday when you extra pathetic sadlings really need a surrogate “girlfriend” for the day. I’ve been getting a lot of international love on my arm pit clip I have posted up at clips4sale. You boy’s love getting right up in that arm pit of mine smelling it becoming hypnotized and intoxicated by my Princess scent.
It was so hot yesterday, I had to change into something new before each party. Last night for the final BBQ of the night I wore my super tight black leggings and a pin stripe sexy top with long necklace strands. II did flat gladiator sandals with studs all over them to show off my hot candy blue polished toes. I looked soooo cute. You guys need to keep giving me all those tributes so I can keep shopping every week to make myself hotter and hotter as each day passes.
You foot worship pigs would have been so jealous being with me at one of the the pool party’s this weekend. There was this really hot guy Todd that plays on my Boyfriend’s basketball team who showed up. I had heard he had a serious foot fetish. He offered my boyfriend $250 if he could suck on my toes while I was laying on a raft in the pool. I couldn’t believe it, my boyfriend called him a total bitch and said “Pay up now then go make out with each one of her toes AND you have to let me film it on my phone”.
Todd was super drunk and getting cheered on by the other people who were near us. He jumped out of the pool dug his wallet out of his jeans and tossed the cash on the table and yelled “Give me those toes!”. I was in shock that this big hot guy was such a cuckold toe fetish freak and the rumors were true! Several people caught the moment on their phones. It may even be on You Tube right now!

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