Mind Fucked Pay Per View Domination

April 24, 2013 · 0 comments

Click and pay, click and pay thats what my good Niteflirt addicted slaves just can’t stop doing. It always starts the same, it starts with that $2.00 click. An old English sub of mine came around poking around my site like any of you typical jerk off boys. Getting all turned on looking at me, so hot for me with my greedy Princess fingers wrapped around your wallet as you wish it was really your cock in my hands. But no, its not.
I sent him an email letting him know I was onto him and he got scared but not scared enough that he didn’t get totally mind fucked and cash drained. I mind fucked him with my body, each part of my perfect Princess body was hypnotizing him making him weaker. I kept raising the price higher and higher until he heard that my boyfriend was with me. My boyfriend got on the phone and told him he wanted to fuck my hot pussy and that if he wanted to continue the call he would have to send me $200 and then an extra $100 to listen to me get fucked by a real stud Man. He already got teased with some hot cock shots for $50 a piece and I knew with that I had broke him down into the submissive pay slut that he was. It starts with my fetish clips, my photo sets then my powerful words that always take you down. You will be my next victim.

Princess Jenny April

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