Mission Jenny Jerker PPV Set Edition Part 2 Complete

August 7, 2009 · 0 comments

Mission Pay Per View photo set collection is finally complete, I added 7 new sets to my gallery for you to buy and further your jenny jerking stroke addiction and of course construct a temple or alter type thing.
I ended up doing a last min overnight trip up to a friends place in Palm Springs and we gambled all day at the casino, now i’m really itching to go to Las Vegas, I need a travel puppy to pay up for some action! New stroke addicted Jenny jerkers coming in this week seduced in by my adorable ways.
Pool boy came to me looking to be my “girlfriend” so of course, he learned really fast that this was going to be a special relationship, the kind where I treat him like total shit yet I’m so loving after he spoils me with gifts and money to go shopping for the dates I’m going on. He got really sucked in by seeing my luscious plump ass at the pool in stuffed tight into my hot bikini. Like a good cucky boyfriend he rubbed me all over with tanning lotion and brushed my hair while I soaked up the hot California sunshine. I was craving fresh strawberry margaritas so I invited my my Lindsay over and by the time she had arrived Poolboy was serving up fresh from the blender margaritas! Buzzed and dazed we took turns having pool boy rub our feet as we caught up on People and Us Weekly. Best bratty girlfriend experience he’s ever been on. Have a great weekend!
Pool Boy Lustjensignature

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