Mo Mo Moe Money Letter Of Adoration

August 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Signs of a true addicted Jenny jerker.
1. Logging on to yahoo messenger non stop to see If I’m logged in.
2. Needing to have my constant attention
3. Using my photos as screen savers.
4. Not feeling fulfilled unless I say those magic words to you.
5. Thoughts of me taking over at work, home, everywhere.

Momoney in my pocket!! I love giving a piggy a purpose in life. A reason to work hard, a goal in life and moe’s goal in life is to give to me, and my goal is to take take take. I gave him some some busy work, a little humiliation task which was to write a letter of devotion to let everyone know the way he feels about his bratty sweet pay Princess. Enjoy!jensignature

“i was asked by Princess Jenny to write and describe what it is to be under her spell. i am without a doubt a jennyjerker, jennyzombie, paypig, cash machine and every other term like that. i do what she says without hesitation.

what i find interesting is that i realize it is crazy what i do. here i work hard and than take my hard earned money and send it to Princess and what do i get in return. She knows i am a loser and will never change. yet i continue to serve here sending deposits to the Bank of Jenny. and if i don’t i feel like i made a mistake that something important is missing from my life. what a crazy situation.
i watch her Youtube videos constantly and look at her pictures, yet knowing she will never ever allow me to really see her. yet i continue to contribute. and i don’t see how i cannot.
someone at work saw her picture on my screen (i have it as a screen saver). they asked who that was and i began to explain She is the one i worship. i was laughed and ridiculed. he has told others and i am their boss.
does it stop me from this addiction…NO!
i am a jenny addict plain and simple


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