My Virtual Cuckold Husband

March 1, 2011 · 0 comments

It was a cuckold boy weekend when my new wimpy cuckold sucker loser came to me on Niteflirt. He said his wife saw my listing and while she was going out on a date with a hot stud black guy he was to call me and tell me about it and tell me what a total loser he is and how he hasn’t had sex in 8 years with his useless 4 inch dick. He confessed for an hour about how his wife just goes out every night telling him about all the guys shes fucking and she still never lets him near her. The problem was she wasn’t using him for the money the way he should properly be used. I wanted to take advantage of his weakness and decided I was going to make him get rid of that wife, it’s not like she fucks him anyway. He wanted to be with me so badly that I offered him that I would be his wife and I would use him in ways she never did.
If I was going to be his wife the first thing I wanted was his house in my name and all the financial records and just about everything else, I needed to give him an allowance and get everything in order. He’s the one who wanted me to be his hot bratty Princess wife and now he was going to get it! You want to be my virtual cuckold husband then act like it and whip out that wallet and think of all the ways you’ll be providing for me. I don’t care how many big black cocks you have to suck to give me what I want when I want it.
Did you hear it snowed in Los Angeles, it was super crazy this weekend and super cold! FINALLY my ass loving loser sent me my Burberry scarf, I’m waiting to get it and then I’m really going to fuck his world up when I seduce him with my body wrapped up in it hypnotizing him and bringing him deeper and deeper into my world. You know the key to my heart its by paying your Princess, thats right Pay Princess Jenny. Say it over and over again. That’s your life mantra from now here.

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