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May 25, 2010 · 0 comments

It looks like I’ve got a loose retarded oinking pig that has escaped the stable. I really can’t stand when I embarrass and humiliate some loser and get him all primed up and ready for some serious loser humiliation fun and he freaks out and fly’s the coup. The retarded pig was just about to get dipped in honey and glittered with his freakish pig mask on. You may have think you escaped but, we all know you twisted head cases always come back to get your little pig tail off. I’m warning you, when you come back it’s going to be worse off then it was before, prepare for destruction fatso.
It’s a good thing I didn’t toss my Uggs out since I never wear them out of the house anymore because I woke up and realized how incredibly ugly they are. Apparently a bunch of you fetish boys have a thing for a sexy Princess in Uggs and as a bonus I’ve got nude pantyhose on underneath. I bet that just got you totally chubbed up wanting to Jenny jerk it to that image. One of my Jenny jerking fan boys really needed to jerk it to me in nylons with Uggs. I made his dream come true and now it’s available for you foot fetish boys to jenny jerk too. This is your chance to see me with my nude nylons playing with my pretty toes and flirting into the camera teasing you with my feet. Oh yeah and I don’t have panty’s on under my nude nylons. Don’t even think about cumming on my pretty feet either. Dirty thoughts like that are going to cost ya extra. xoxo Click, pay and get to Jenny jerking!

Nylons and Ugg Worship

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