New Years Wishes Paying Your Princess All Year Long

January 3, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy New year everyone. I hope you all had a really amazing New Years like I did. I went to a super hot party in Hollywood with great DJ’s and we had a limo and partied all night! It’s such a shame I had to go out and party and leave so many of you dweebs feeling so loserish. All alone on New Years Eve with nothing better to do but buy my pictures and dream that you were with me on New Years eve and had the chance to make out with me at Midnight.
What was really awesome was since I’m West Coast hottie I had time to take tons of pathetic Jenny Jerker junkies on Niteflirt begging for my attention late at the loser hour while they were all alone. This sorry ass piece of trash idiot I like to call “Soon To Be Homeless Maggot” was getting depleted all night long until I had to go get my party on. By the time my friends arrived for some pre-party champagne I had drained the idiot of hundreds and laughing as I knew his 401K was draining at my Princess fingertips. I plan on taking a hell of a lot more and making him pay my hot girlfriends as well. I plan on taking so much his entire family including his dog faced mother has live under a park bench and even that would luxury living for losers like them!
Major Moneypig sub loser got a drop your pants and open your wallet fuck over. He came to me with his teeny tiny little tic tac dick all alone with no one to be with on New Years so, I thought it was fitting that if he was going to sit home and jerk off to MY pretty self he was going to have to pay for it. I snatched a few hundred from him as well and plan on taking a ton more after all, he has no one to date so I’m his virtual girlfriend.
My good boys have been really pleasing me, This is going to be a great year. Oh and how hot was this, at the end of the night my boyfriend and I and my friend Jill were the last ones left in the limo and we ended up having a 3 some. I’d give you the details here because I know that just gave you an instant hard on. You can call me and pay me to hear details about how I ate Jills pussy. Happy New Years from your ultimate bratty Girlfriend experience

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