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September 15, 2010 · 0 comments

September has brought serious hypnotic vibrations into the universe as I have been casting my sinfully sweet spells from Italy to America. Gia my slave so taken with my powerful middle finger, just flipping it right up in his face with a hard core delivered fuck you loser, Fuck you pay me! Yes I say it crystal clear in my sweet American accent it’s all good just relax and fuck off and pay me. Raise your hand how many of you out there just got boners reading that?
You just surrender to my beautiful eyes and it’s easy to fall deep into my traps, You come on Niteflirt looking for a little hypnosis and blackmail for fun and leave totally fucked and on the verge of total ruin. Never worry, you can trust me I’m sweet and would never really expose you. At least ……… Never mind, just relax and take a deep breath and click and pay. You want to please me, you always do.
Desperate to please, aching to serve and undeniably addicted hypno slave has been submitting to all demands and all orders while under my loser love spell. Each special wink a trigger to take more and more from him, using him, making him pay his Princess. Just the way I love all of you boys, clicking and paying ME! Owning each of your orgasms making you my personal banks. I love my hypno boy toys.

You will look deep into my eyes, you will stare for 60 seconds, click the picture and buy my clips and photo sets at Niteflirt. Click, Pay, Click, Play, Click, Pay, Click, Pay, Click, Play, Click, Pay


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