Oinking For Jenny In A Creepy Pig Mask

May 18, 2010 · 0 comments

One of my piggies has really taken this whole piggy thing to a new level and got himself a super creepy piggy mask that lucky him came with a bonus set of ears. I insisted he go on cam for me but we needed to cover his face and well, why not just a mask of what he is just a submissive fat pig nerd who has to pay for my attention. The moment I saw this picture I was cracking up and had to send that off to my entire email list, I even took a picture of the screen and text it to a bunch of people ! Ha Ha Ha ! I’m not even sure what it is about this mask or is it the pink wig? It might be the fact that the pig is smiling.
As soon as the fat loser got my approving response he wrote back saying ” I’m pulling my pigtail and oinking right now just thinking about it!” Isn’t that funny. I’m really laughing just writing this. Oink and pay all day, he knows if he’s going to yank on that little curly q of a pee pee he has to PAY his swine jerk tax.

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