Golden Ball Ass Hypnosis Mind Melt

Submit yourself to my ass, surrender and give yourself to the power of the golden ball. Sit back and just listen to the music or put it on mute as you follow the golden ball mesmerize and hypnotize you into a deep state of ass hypnosis and surrender. You will become even more infatuated and in love with my ass. Your eyes will dart back and forth as you allow yourself to surrender to me. Follow the Golden ball, stare deep into my beautiful ass and devote yourself to me. Follow the golden ball, stare and stroke and stare and stroke as the gold ball frees your mind allowing me to turn you into more of a Jenny jerking ass puppet.



Lick It Up, Loser! Blackmailing Worship Photo Set
Back from a night out at the club wearing sexy heels and my feet are sore from dancing all night. You wanted to come home with me. You’re going to have to do what I want now. My hot wet pussy is so juicy from grinding my ass into hot guys cocks all night on the dance floor. Here’s my job for you slave boy, you’re going to strip down for me and get on your knees and clean the bottoms of my shoes like a good little shoe licking slave. Then you’re going to take them off and rub my feet. I don’t have my panties on so you can smell how hot and wet my pussy is but a loser like you will never get to lick that up! If you don’t do exactly as I say right now, I’m going to expose you! Lick it up now loser Jenny Jerker!


Happy Easter and Spring holiday time. It’s been an off and on time-honored tradition to humiliate and dress up my favorite sissy Kelly. Times have changed and our very own sissy is soon to be married. Nothing will stop my cock sucker Kelly from doing the most sissy tasks and sucking the grossest dick. Once again sissy Kelly has gone and done his sissy Easter best before going to his soon to be in-laws house. The bluest of balls coated in sugar. I asked sissy Kelly to make sure to give his Father in law a special hug and think about taking him back to the bathroom and giving him a quickie while his future wife was sitting at the table stuffing her basic bitch face.
Can you really imagine marrying a man with a penis this small? I mean look at this! The peeps are smaller than his own peep! Sissy Kelly once again completes his sissy Easter mission.


Spring Break is here Jenny jerkers and I know you have some extra time to Jenny jerk it to my hot fucking body. I want your money and I’m going to get you hard and take it!
My body is pure danger but you like a little danger. You’re spending Spring break with family and friends or maybe you’re alone. One thing is for sure, you’re horny as fuck and can’t stop thinking about jerking off. Thats why you’re going to Jenny jerk to my brainwashing hot photos. I don’t care where you are, head to the nearest private place right now. You will stare at my tits for 10 minutes. You will feel more of my brainwashing hold take over and you might even call another Woman Jenny. If you’re not careful with all the information you’ve told me it could get scary. You will begin to find my ass is taking over your mind and all you want to do is say YES to my ass. Yes, Jenny, Yes Jenny. Yes Jenny I will do whatever you say! Show me how much of a Jenny jerker that you are. Open your wallet and PAY this PRINCESS ASS!



Guess what my Jenny jerkers! Humpty dumpty time for you! I’ve got a brand new pillow fucking humiliation clip for you! Are you excited to hump your pathetic little brains out for me?
You know what I have in store for you loser? More pillow humping instructional because you’re such a loser that you don’t even know how to fuck! I’m going to show you the Jenny jerker way in part 3 of this pillow humping instructional. I know you rub your pillow at night and in the morning pretending its me you fucking loser! You’re so addicted to my guidance you pillow fucking loser! My pink vibrator is bigger then your measly excuse for a real mans cock. You’re probably fat with a small dick too. Are you gonna cum all over that pillow thinking of me knowing its the closest thing you’re going to get me? I know you are pillow humping slave!

Click and PAY! Grab your pillow and Jenny jerk it!

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