Paper Bag Humiliation Pig Part 2

November 21, 2009 · 1 comment

I’ve been super busy this week with my friends arriving in town for Thanksgiving. I’ve really had to be on my best secret Niteflirt behavior so a few people didn’t find out about my secret x-rated life.
Paper bag piggy Oinktard came back from his mission and was a total success. I love the art work on the bag, the way the two dicks are aiming right at his mouth to give him that big fat load. I’ve been continuing to use him and make him jerk his cash right into my bank account. I love giving losers lives meaning.
New appointed Jenny jerkers have been making their way into my life begging to stroke and give to my body and just jerk to my beauty. The hypnotic glare I give where I look right into your eyes saying over and over “give me more give me more”.
Choirboy out in Cali thought he could hang up his pervert gloves and shut the door, so I didn’t argue I gave him a simple goodbye and being the nonchalant chill brat that I am made his cock so fucking hard he came back for a nice solid wallet raping. Pure Hypnosis brought on by looking at me makes for a very hard escape.
I’ve been teasing my New York boy with picture after picture of my full clothed body and then quadrupled the price just so he could get a nice close look at my sweet pussy. I thought it was about time to let him see the sweet spot where he was going to clean the cream from my fresh baked cherry pie.
A quick FUCK YOU PAY ME goes out to Max. XXOO
My boyfriend just got here, we are going to watch football at his friends house. Phone lines are are. Get to Jerking your cash into my wallet baby’s.


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Matt December 27, 2010 at 10:22 am

I frequently get this punishment and have to stand in the corner wearing my bag for hours.

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