Pay My Pretty Feet Financial Domination

November 9, 2017 · 0 comments

Gimmie, gimme what I love! What do I love? Say it, you know it, say it! MONEY! Jerk that wallet for me right now. Thats right, I said right now. 

Whip Out Your Wallet And Pay My Toes, Jenny Jerking Loser!

Hot clip to worship my spoiled feet! Look at my pretty pink toes, they are so soft and so perfect. You’re going to get naked for me and then you’re going to open your wallet and pay my pretty feet. My delicious toes want hundred dollar bills wrapped around them and thats what I expect you to do. You love my feet, you’ll do anything for them and now its time to pay your Princess Jenny and show my pretty soles the cash devotion they deserve.


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