Pay Princess Piggies Play For Jenny

August 15, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, I had the grossest caller yesterday he was a full on garbage mouth loser. He called me up from Marthas Vineyard and wants to eat all my garbage and then proceed to take my stripper heels and puncture his tongue with the heel, Now isn’t that super gross, yet it gets worse, he wanted to take all my slips and wash them in his mouth with gallons of bleach. He asked me if it was turning me on. What a vile fantasy, I give him the MAJOR LOSER stamp of approval.
Tbone has been ritualistic about calling me every single night. I’ve got him under full blown hypnosis at this point. He has been given my ass hypnosis therapy, he can only cum for me, he can only cum when hearing my voice, he can only cum when staring at my dominant Princess ass. He needs and craves me like most of you do. He is and always will be a Jenny Jerker.
Moe has also fallen into my trap, he found me at my Youtube page and immediately wanted to surrender his wallet to me, daily deposits going into my account from him making sure that he is on the road to financial ruin with his adorable and sweet Princess. He HAS to do what I say. He’s a Jenny jerker zombie wanting to jerk his cash into my bank account.
My knees are killing me right now, last night I left my boyfriend test out this new beautiful Z-gallerie rug a slave got me, but now my knees are so sore from him giving it to me so hard. I need my knees massaged and to not lift a finger today. Taking calls and cash.

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