Princess Glitter Bikini Twitter Tease

February 25, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boys, I thought I’d post this here too, I made a lil quickie tease for my worship fans and twitter followers. I did a hot new shoot and made new clips for you to buy and give me more money which you just know Princess adores. You Jenny Jerkers will be aching and begging for release! I know you strokers are going to sit and play this over and over watching my glittery ass bouncing up and down as the light hypnotizes you. Get down on those knees subby and Jenny jerk it, If you spill that love goo you better send me a tribute!
I know Clayton and his friends will be jerking to me every night like good boys. It’s so fun having my little pay pet collection. Simon got his tease picture of me in the hot sailor outfit he got me but I’m such a brat that I only sent him one photo and if he wants more I’m going to make him pay for it of course! Ok boys, I gotta get these pictures ready for you! Call me and fall into my world and under my spell. If you don’t already follow me on twitter then start, If you don’t have an account then make one!

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