Pulling The Strings Of An Ass Puppet Toy

February 26, 2009 · 0 comments

Thursdays crushes come together to worship my ass today. My ass is actually sore, my boyfriend has been working me out in the gym really hard to tighten up for Summer. I gave him the biggest hard cock in the gym you should have seen his big cock pitching a tent in his track pants! YUMMY! I would never let that hard cock go to waste so we quick ran out to the car and I got slid one leg out of my shorts and popped his big cock right in!!

I’m sure the wittle porn addict cumbucket is checking the site non stop looking to see if his loser pictures have made my blog so he can have a new place to put his pathetic ass on the web. I gave the blog slut a new assignment and he really is off to a great start. As you all can see from the picture the wittle fimo clay cock sucker has been a good jizz bucket doing his humiliation assignment homework. Nice use of the crayons I just love it sissy boy you’re off to a grand start. Congratulations you are officially inducted onto the pay princess site.

Ass lickers have been buying up my “Ass and Soles” set like crazy. The have deep ass sniffing intoxication session with the computer screen. You guys are so sweet and devoted, come closer and have a deeper whiff.
sniff sniff ass puppets. Go ahead and place your lips to the screen, right there at the place where I have my thong pulled to the side asshole showing and looking back at you. Place your face right there my ass puppet and give in to my every whim. Pay your Princess.

Baby Cumbucket Member


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