Red White And Beautiful Bikini Tease

July 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey everyone! I’m on fire today, and it’s not because it’s over 100 degree’s outside and the the sand at the beach is blazing. I’m on fire because I’ve spent the past week working over a little clip bitch for a few grand. Yeah I know, it’s so hot knowing that all I have to do is shake my ass, look right into the camera and tell you what fucking losers you are and out pops all the cash I want. You boy’s are such good Jenny jerkers making me so proud when you jerk that cash right into my bank account.
I made a bunch of hot new clips for you wankers to drool over. Lots of hot new foot fetish, ass worship and erotic body hypnosis clips you’ll be clamoring for! I’ve been out at the beach a ton with the girls and have been getting my tan on, you boys are going to love all my new photos set’s too.
I had twittered that I woke up with a serious need for new lingerie for shoots. But YOU need to buy it from me. So hit my Amazon wish list! and got some cute stuff but whoever sent me the Metallic shiny pink pants didn’t send a worship note so I know who thy are from. So thank you to the admiring pig who paid for them, my ass is going to look stunning in them and will blind you with the pink shine. I do need a lot more new outfits, you know more outfits means more photos! So you know what to do, pay your Princess Jenny.
Little Money Pig had a nice shopping spree at my Niteflirt store back to buy the same worship material he’s bought already like a zillion times! That cracks my up so much!

I made this super hot clip for July wearing my adorable Hello Kitty bikini, hair in pig tails, sunglasses on and waving my American flags like a hot rod pin-up bikini girl teasing your hard little dicks. Watch me flirt and play around in the park and even do some public flashing! You perverts love any chance you can get to see the pussy and tit you’ll never have. Go buy it now because I’m telling you too butt sniffers and foot lickers!

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