Risky In House Business Stroking With The Wife Around

November 8, 2009 · 0 comments

You Jenny jerkers went crazy with my hot schoolgirl set, I got a ton of emails over the weekend telling me how my school girl costume inspired furious jerking all week long. I love inspiring a good jerk off addiction.
My boyfriend has really been into the photos as well, last night while I was on a call my boyfriend overheard me talking to some ass slave Ben about how tight my ass looked in the photo set. He came in the room and told me to go put the outfit on and get off the phone so he could fuck me. Ass slave Ben asked if he could listen and I told him he could but he would have to tribute $200 and faster then I could even get my outfit on he clicked and paid me $200 and was harder then ever.
It took all of 5 minutes of pure 9 inch cock fucking my little pussy in that skirt and it was all over and back to the phone call I went as my boyfriend left and went home. I love quickies that I get paid for.
New blog slut humiliation slave junkie in New York City called me up while his wife was roaming about the house, I gave him various humiliating tasks while he ran the risk of being caught being a freaky fetish loser. He paid me over and over as he was forced to jerk and risk being caught. The panties on his head kinda look like a shower cap, don’t you think? That’s right boys, down on your knees and get to jerking for Jenny.


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