Saudi Slave Camel Bitch Jenny Jerker For Life

November 10, 2011 · 1 comment

Slave Badoo is my new cash camel financial domination Saudi slave. He’s been on a hardcore path of serious jenny jerking and can’t stop himself he’s so addicted to jerking off to me. I’ve shown him what American financial domination is like with a Princess like me and he’s been pretty much drained. Since its going to take him a while to get a licence to drive a taxi to make extra money theres only one other way that I can think of. I’ve sent him to ask his friends if he can suck their cocks for $50 each and all the money will go to me. He literally sits all night long and jerks and cums and jerks and cums for hours and hours at a time. He begs to see me on cam but the only thing I’ll ever let him have is to see my beautiful stomach on can so he can worship my belly button. My perfect sexy stomach has him so hypnotized. He watched my eye hypnosis clip on a loop and gets stuck gazing and looking deeper and deeper falling into my cash trap. He’s tapped out but fuck that! This stroking jerk off monkey will have to drain his family out now because there’s no stopping my greedy Princess ways.

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brody November 15, 2011 at 2:58 pm

cant believe this is true

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