Screw You And Your Mother Oh And Sister Too!

April 22, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys! Coachella was so awesome thank you again dorky sissy boy David for getting us a really fun vip weekend. I can’t believe I took calls while I was at the concert it was really hysteria but why shouldn’t I be getting paid while I hang out and party! I made a deal with dorky David that we could go on a phone date during Paul McCartney and I would give him a special rate from $2.99 to $2.50 to sit and hang on the phone with me the entire time Paul lit up the Coachella Valley sky. I ignored him the whole time as I made out with my boyfriend on a giant blanket.
Maggot scum slurping puke pig came back for more depletion of his savings and 401K. This time I was really ready to fuck him over leaving no one related that that spawn of shit safe.
He sent me this email
“my OWNER (i mean my total OWNER very serious) my mom just a a small home business of arts and crafts. She just does it to supplement her income since she is retired and just gets her SOCIAL SECURITY check on the 15th of each month. She enjoys it actually she loves doing this every day. She does not want to use her IRA just yet she told me one day plus she is trying to save more in a savings account to leave to me and my sister”
I’ve been sending the emails he sends me to all my girlfriends we are just LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF! The all say the same thing, “fuck him over good and take them too the poorhouse”. Screw this bottom feeding submissive boot licking piece of shit. I’m going to continue to pluck thousands and thousands and take that little arts and crafts crap business and watch it fold into my pocket like a deck of cards made out of dollars.
My nylon covered long legs wrapping around your neck like a silk Chanel scarf, My designer boots squashing that filthy small cock of yours. Pay your Bratty Princess you ass burp face.

**** UPDATE AS OF 1PM*** I’m close to 2 grand down!!!!!

Queen Jenny

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