Seek The Perfect Princess And You Will Find

March 8, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey strokey boys, I had such a great weekend lots of Jenny jerkers buying up all my clips for sale like good obedient Jenny jerking pay puppies.
One sweet subby was searching for something and one taste of my sweet seductive voice was all it took to get my sugar puppy right there down on his knees under my feet ready to surrender to me. I tempted his cock for hours, sweet talking him and bombarding him with pictures of myself as he was in a hypnotic pay state, clicking, stroking and paying over and over waiting on my ass.
He was such a good sweet puppy it’s a good thing I just got a new strap on cock so I could give him a sweet little bone treat. After a few hours of teasing his balls and keeping them so full and on the edge his wife was about to come home and she was probably going to want to have sex. I wanted him to keep that cock down so he could control his release and deny her what was rightfully now mine.
I decided the only way to keep his rock hard cock down was to hurt it a little bit. I had him go fill up a nice big bowl of ice cubes and water and sent him on the mission to fuck that bowl like it was my perfect pussy. Such a good bitch boy he fucked that bowl and whimpered the whole time, Then I thought while we were there it was time for some tea bagging… we played a game of 3 min ball dip in the ice cubes. HA HA HA it was so hysterical! I love playing tease and denial while I get spoiled like a pretty Princess.
Gia and his hairy bear body are back. He is a hairy armpit of a slave who is back for more of my honesty. By honesty I mean by the way I send him the same pictures over and over for $50 and tell him there is something special in there. He’s such a stinky hair pie he falls every time. Happy Monday and Pay your Princess you Jenny jerkers. I’m on Niteflirt now bois!

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