Shrimp Dick Humiliation Loser To Laugh At

April 8, 2009 · 0 comments

Ohh my itty bitty shrimp sized dicky! It must have been adopt a baby cock this week because I’m feeling like Angelina Jolie right now with all the little submissive losers who want to be in my blog slut club. Looks like I’ve adopted myself yet another cam whore who wants to be a blog slut on my Princess page. Shrimp Dicky and his peep sized dick was willing to do anything on cam and I mean anything. I had my girlfriend over at the time and we were watching Dancing With the Stars so since he was interrupting our tv time we made him tribute us $100 + $50 for the drinks we were getting after and then dance along with the show. Earlier in the day I had him on web cam giving him humiliation assignments to complete while I laughed my ass off and took pictures of the fat loser. He didn’t want his face on cam just yet so I made him cut holes in his shirt and make himself loser Zorro the masked humiliation loser. Look how proud of a blog slut he is! Lucky me being such a popular little Princess cock teasing all the boys. Upcoming Easter humiliation assignment coming up soon. Lucky me being such a tease Princess making all the boys hard and jerking for Jenny.


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