Sissy Blackmail Fetish

November 12, 2013 · 0 comments

So many sissys and so many wives and girlfriends that have no idea about your dirty sissy habits. When you call me on Niteflirt you know that theres a good chance I’m going to help them find out the truth about you. Don’t you think its time the ladies in your life know the truth so they can go out and get some big hard real man cock. I can always hear you getting ready to jerk off when I start asking questions about your sissy secrets.
Sissy Larry signed his sissy loser life away this week after some sissy training videos we made. He pranced and danced in panties, he even got so good at putting on eyebrows and eyeliner I had him make a sissy make up tutorial but promised not to post it on YouTube. The sissy video tutorial shows full face and would be a sensational blackmail reveal. As long as he doesnt break the blackmail contract I have it locked away in my sissy wank bank.
It makes my bitchy pussy tingle when I have a sissy blackmailed by the balls. Most of you panty wearing panty lovers ae too scared to go the extra mile. Put on your best frillys and lets train you sissy.
Niteflirt Femdom Princess Jenny

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