Sissy Kelly Is A Fagalicious Valentine

February 20, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boys, bois and bitches! I had my girlfriend in town this week so I’ve been extra busy but never to busy to humiliate and feminize you guys!
In case you missed it I sent out a red hot Valentine photo set that burned right through a ton of wallets. It produced a serious amount of red hot Jenny jerking and got a ton of sissy bois feeling really hot to slip into lingerie and entertain me.
Sissy Kelly was so excited to get to talk to me on Valentines morning he did his Valentine assignment and got all the goodies I had told him too. We started with a lesson every budding sissy have and that was putting on mascara, eye/lip liner and of course making big fat kissy bimbo lips. Dressed like a skank and ready to talk cock shop we got right to it brainwashing and hypnotizing Sissy Kelly into being a mega Valentine fagalocious skank! I love it!
Slave Richy has made his way into my Princess world and has totally become addicted to me. He was devilishly surprised at how my sweet face and adorable attitude quicky started to drain him with no signs of stopping. He asked me “Princess Jenny what do you plan to do to me ?” I said, I plan on taking E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. There are day’s where a long slow cash drain are nice but when you have a tiny cock I like to go for it fast taking everything to make my sweet little honey box nice and wet. Away he jerks, you are all my legion of Jenny Jerkers! I’m going to make a couple clips today. I’m thinking a nice ass worship for all you butt sniffers who can’t get enough of groveling at my ass. Simon sent me a hot little sailors outfit, I’m going to slip it on today and of course charge you piggies to see me in it and Simon will pay too of course!

Sissy Kelly Lipstick Slut

If you didn’t already indulge in my insanely hot Valentine set here it is so click, pay and get to jerking. Be MY Valentines and go buy my all NEW Valentine naughty 10 picture pack right now.

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