Sissy Kelly Pops His Craigs List Cherry

June 7, 2010 · 1 comment

Happy Monday everyone, I’m in the best mood, it was a great weekend I was out partying with my girls at the beach, I had a super hot date night with my Boyfriend that loser cuckold Sean in Florida ended up paying for which always is a extra turn on for me and makes my Boyfriend fuck me extra hard at the end of the night.
I met a new ass slave cash pig who lives in Woodland Hills, He was talking to me on Niteflirt right as my Boyfriend walked in the door. It was super hot out and he was playing Basketball so his underwear was super nasty and his balls were so sweaty. The filthy ass pig was begging me for underwear and said he would more for them if they were “stained”. Cash raped in one click you smelly bitch!
One of my highlights for the week is that one of my sissy boy’s made a huge step in becoming a total sissy. Sissy Kelly popped his Craigslist cherry and put his ad out looking for another sissy to come over and suck his little bitch stick for his first time. He came and found me online and I told him that if he wanted to be a really good sissy he had to leave his web cam on for me. I got him in the mood with some limp wrist-ed fag dancing to Lady GaGa in his sissy lingerie. Right has he finished the song his date arrived! If that guy had any idea the web cam was on and I had pictures he would probably freak! In walks the brotha on the down low!
He literally was there all of 4 minutes and it was over! Sissy Kelly said he was better then any girl who’s ever sucked his dick. I’m so proud of being a sissy maker! Do you want to become one of my sissy’s? Call me.

Kelly's CL Date 1Kelly's CL date 2Kelly's CL date 2
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Richard Riedel August 17, 2010 at 7:12 am

Hello, I really love you. You are so sexy & when I say your website today my cock got so hard I had to jerk off… I need to be punshied….

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