So You Think You’re A Fetish Clip Producer Now

January 26, 2012 · 0 comments

When coming to me for a custom clip you should know a few things, It’s gonna cost you a shit load of cash when you try and play the role of a director. I’m going to use this email I was sent as an example of what annoys the fuck out of me.
“Hello Jenny,
Can you please upload a custom made video for me where you engage in sucking on your toes and worshipping your barefeet? I’m looking for a video clip that I can watch and enjoy during my own free time. So if you’re interested in filming this kind of foot worship scene just let me know okay.
Three things Id love too see during your performance: Jenny I want too see the soles of your feet during your foot worshipping performance. Make sure the soles of your feet are positioned correctly in front of your camera. As long as the soles of your feet are in the right form everything else should be fine.
Second thing Id like too see is your saliva. Make sure the saliva from your mouth drips slowly from your feet and toes. And finally the camera angles and close up shots. Tell the photographer or person recording the video clip too aim his camera directly at the soles of your feet. Remember the soles of your feet should always be in front of your cam.
Desired Length of Video: 12 to 13 minutes long.

Description of Video: Make sure you spend the entire twelve too thirteen minutes worshipping your feet and sucking on your toes.Your tongue and mouth will be the key difference when sucking your toes. For the Attire:A pair of nice comfortable underwear or panties would be the perfect choice for something like this. Everything else including your chest,legs,and barefeet can be exposed throughout the entire scene. Setting Take Place: Inside your private bedroom where the lights are bright and turned on completely. If you have a bedroom mattress use this during your foot worshipping performance.”

Is this fucker kidding me? Thinking he’s some fetish clip producer asking for all this precise shit that he wants! When I make a custom clip you get what I give you or you pay the rate that it would cost for me to read a script and do a feature which I’m sure you jerk off’s asking for custom clips could never afford. He’s looking for a clip he can watch on his own time and enjoy, like I give a shit, I’m not your marionette I’m here to use you, abuse you get what I WANT. Lets get it straight, this is MY Princess world and you just live in it.

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