Spoiled Princess Jenny Waits For No One

March 26, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boys, How have you been? Have you been jerking away to me being good Jenny jerkers? I know that my stinky armpit of an Italian slave Gia has been. Back to his American Goddess and ready to serve my royal powerful middle finger and strong smile.
I had a few wanna be blackmail losers contacting me this week, one loser named Trevor thought he was so clever with his comments like “you probably couldn’t trap me I’m too smart” He would yahoo message me all day and night when he would see me online and not even tribute me. When will some of you boy’s learn that I have better things to do then not get paid. I would tell him to open his pay mail and he would say “if you can just hold out it will all be yours”. What a joke, This Princess waits for nothing.
Sissy boy Lucy Loo is back and ready to serve, he is SO addicted to me he really is totally in love with me. He’s getting ready for me for Easter with a humiliation assignment with some bunny ears and maybe some chocolate eggs. He can’t wait to get all dolled up on web cam for me as long as I don’t take any photos and show his face on my blog. I love getting you bitch boys so deeply obsessed with me.

I posted a few more clips on Niteflirt for you Jenny jerkers to have more stroke material.
Bubblegum bursting is a streaming close up clip of my gorgeous face smacking my lips, seductively twirling my gum, chewing and popping my gum right in your face. Sweet cherry for you bubblegum fetish guys.
Foot lotion clip is a foot fetish lovers heaven. It’s a streaming clip of me on my bed with you at my feet as I slip off my sexy high heels and since you bitch boy foot slaves are not there, I need to tend to lotioning up my own feet. Click and pay and get to being a Jenny jerker.
2 NEW CLIPS – Bubblegum Bursting and Foot Lotion foot fetish addicts Jenny Jerking material. Click the photo and buy now on Niteflirt boys.

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