Submissive Slave Seeks Cure

December 12, 2011 · 0 comments

Slaves who pussy out because they have no more money after playing the role of slave for a month are really pathetic. The camel slave Bader Mousa came to me and started to bitch and complain that he was suddenly cured of his life of loserdom and money slavery. Here is his pathetic plea he messaged me.

“i want to tell u something princess bless u princess I feel really really sad these days because i dont have money and all my friends have and i even lied to them when we go out i told them my atm card doesnt work … i am avoid them now because i am really broke
and i want to tell u i even thought to leave slave life princess i am work with two jobs princess
if i want m freedom princess will u give me that? i served u well for two months i want really seek for help please princess but i feel really sad princess and i want my old life back please its weekend now in Saudi and i am at home avoiding my friends because i really dont have money please princess i must get my life back i will not princess but please dont put my name on ur blog
please princess that will destroy my social life i mean if i leave and i will .. dont put my name on the blog for god sake i will see a shrink i will cure my self u know and i know i am a sick”

Now all of his friends can google his name and learn that their friend likes to sit with MY filthy cum stained panties on his face with a dog collar on and eating out of a bowl. Like I give a fuck that he went broke for me that fast. Who’s problem is that? Thats why a loser slave like him needs to take on multiple jobs. Wait until his friends find out how much he paid to wear my panties that my boyfriend shot his load into that he wore over his mouth. Now they will all know what a sick loser Bader Mousa really is. I have his American address to send him goodies as well, maybe everyone wants to send him their jerk off rags so he can soak up all his tears with them. Once a submissive slave, always a submissive slave for life. There is no cure, this is your life. Know your place slave and learn to Pay your Princess.

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