Superbowl Half Time Hard Ons

February 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey boys, did you guys have fun watching the super bowl and doing the half time hand humping Jenny jerk? Raise your hand if you were of of the losers who headed off to the bathroom and pulled up my pictures on your phone and did the 60 second jerk off. Now raise your hands if you were such a desperate pathetic loser that you actually jizzed in your hand that fast. I feel like I can see a sea of hands out there ha ha ha what losers.
I won $645 in bets with a few of my little slave boy’s who didn’t think Green Bay was going to have what it takes. Once again Jenny financially dominates the room and gets all the cash making me the Super Bowl phone sex Princess winner.
Niteflirt phone sex addict jody got really lucky and got a nice ignore session in while I was with my boyfriend. He totally thought he was going to get to hear us have sex but knowing my boyfriend was going to make him tribute $200 to listen to us fuck he knew it was a no go. Loser sissy boy is a cheap ass loser that’s why he knew it would never happen, he’s so fucking cheap and sad and a little bitch. Maybe if he sucks enough dick for me at the bookstore he can afford to listen to me get my pretty pussy pounded. Stupid sissy boys out there sucking on all that cock just to Pay Princess and give me all that I want, love it!
The greedy pussy devil of mine has been thinking of something special to hypnotize and melt your weak brains like boxes of chocolates. You submissive Jenny jerking perverts know and know well that I’m the ONLY Valentine you need and want. I keep adding more and more shoes and lingerie and other assorted expensive gifts to my wish list so get to sending and be a good Valentine slave for your Princess Jenny. You may get rewarded like a good slave boy if you do the right thing.

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