Sweet Like Candy Slick Princess Game Player

June 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Extra, Extra read all about it! Last night was mind fuck game night on Niteflirt. While I was watching the Lakers kick the Magic’s ass I was creating my own ass kicking pay to view games and winning them over and over. I started the night with a fun game with my Italian mind gamer Gia, we went back and forth for quite a while as I taunted him with the correct answer to a puzzle he simply could not figure out. It cost him $300 to never get the correct answer. Winner once again Jenny!
Then came along a little guy who got caught like a deer in headlights buying up some of my pictures. I lured him in and played my jedi Princess hypnosis mind tricks on him until I had him clicking, and paying every single button on my page. His little submissive cock got harder and harder with each email I send him instructing him exactly what to do. More Jenny Jerkers to add to my collection of pay Princess puppy’s.
Tim my pantie loving sissy got a stiff fine for being a bad jerk boy and spilling his load before he got his chastity device on. Tim is usually such a good slave for me, bad boys do have to pay the price so better not spill boys!!!
It’s crappy outside, hopefully it will clear up so I can play at the pool. Hot date with my boyfriend tonight I was thinking of running over to Victoria Secret for something sweet and slutty to wear to get fucked in tonight,good thing you guy’s are going to pay for it!


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