Sweet Puffs For Sweet Jenny Jerking Into My Wallet

October 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Puff puff goes the magic drag Queen *giggle* check out my awesome blog slut sissy making another fantastic appearance and special guest cash exploitation session. He called up already high as a sissy air head kite and I kept him way up in the clouds where he could float in a sissy bliss.
Sissy slut Desiree got a lucky surprise during our session, a special delivery of a big giant black cock to practice on. Lucky lucky sucky fucky, what a slut, she could hardly go down that far on it but after a few more hours of training I think the cock sucking sissy will be able to take on the LA Lakers.
Got some hot new shoes in the mail from Carlos and my pot smoking shoe pig my foot worship sluts will be so excited to see my hot new heels to become even further trapped between my toes. Jenny Jerker rubnbuffme had a nice 30 min talk with my boyfriend for a bargain price of $12.99 a minute. He just wanted to sit and chat about the details of what it’s like to be able to be man enough to put his big cock in me and make me cum. I’m sure most of you rub and tuggers would love to hear the details from my boyfriend. Time to get ready to go out with the girls Call me up lets make you into a Jenny Jerker!


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