Teamviewer Femdom Fetish Destruction

July 18, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey everyone, Niteflirt has been extra busy with some extra major losers this weekend. Theres a running theme this week and that seems to be losers who want to use something called Teamviewer.
Teamviewer is a program that allows you to access someone else’s computer and control it. You can go into all their accounts etc and start to steal whatever you see fit, maybe lock them out of certain sites and change passwords etc. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Go through someone else’s computer and start to take a ton of cash! I just scored a couple thousand off Teamviewer punished idiot Marco. I thought it would be fun to lock him out of his computer for a while maybe shop a bit and have some fun on and let me tell you I did have fun! I got a new Botkier purse and matching wallet and some really amazing earrings and YES it cost this little bitch.
You want to be a big cash baller then open your wallet and lets go. Teamviewer fuck over ready to go!

Who’s your all American beauty! I AM!

American Beauty

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