The Boyfriend Girlfriend Lunch Experience

January 20, 2010 · 0 comments

My favorite part about the warm weather in January is being able to sit outside for lunch and afternoon drinks with my girlfriends or my boyfriend while you boys pay for it. Pay slave pig bananadick wanted to have a lunch experience with my boyfriend and I. He asked me if he could call on my Niteflirt ignore line and be put on speaker phone listening in as we ate lunch. My boyfriend laughed in his face and told him if he wanted to sit in on lunch he was going to have to tribute $100 and pay $3.50 pr min to stay on speaker. We got to our favorite Mexican joint and right on time the pay pig called and was ready for ignore, he lasted 42 min, not bad for a Monday afternoon financial domination session without effort, just being a Princess.
I have one of the biggest rejects ever calling me, he is doinkmike and he is a serious doink! I get so annoyed the second I hear his voice knowing he’s just a 3 minute idiot who talks like a robot puppet and says the stupidest shit. His robotic monotone boring voice will call up and say (say it in an emotionless robot voice) “What do you want to do to me” “Are you wearing Pumas”. I’ve considered blocking him but I figure his pathetically cheap calls pay for my weekly Pinkberry fix.
I took some stunning new shots, my body looks better then ever, then again when is it not the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen. I am your addiction and will always be your favorite thing.

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