The Choir Boy Sings His Cash Song To Me

April 28, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey bois, before you keep reading stop for a moment and take a nice long stare at me, get yourself nice and hooked on my beauty. That was fun, now that I’m really deep in your mind you’ll really appreciate this.
You know how I just love to play games with you bois well, Choir boy was messaging me to let me know that my legs looking so long and beautiful and are very hypnotizing. He told me he had to go offline because staring at me a little to long was like falling into a Jenny jerking vortex and he didn’t want that to happen to him after reading about what happened to slave Richard. If you don’t know read the previous blog entry and you’ll understand.
I put a dare out and double dared choir boy stare at me for 7 minutes and not get a stiffie. Tick tock, 7 minutes were up and I told him to go check his Niteflirt mail. There was the first of many pay to view mails waiting him to click, pay and get hard! Choir boys eyes were wide like saucers spinning and drowning in the web of beauty he just got trapped into. Round 2 Jenny does anyone care to play a round of Pay Princess Hypnosis.
My boyfriend is on his way over right now for some lunch time nookie, I’m so ready for him especially after just getting off a call with some random loser who wanted me to tell him all about the way he fucks me. I’m feeling like a total top right now, as soon as he walks in the door I’m going to rip his pants off and take his big cock, then we will go to lunch which you little hard on’s paid for. You little cucky bitch’s must be so stiff right now, no jerking unless you pay Princess!

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