The Golden Ass You Live To Worship

March 21, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey ass loving Jenny jerking slave boys. Did you have a good weekend? I had a great weekend. Lots of presents came in the mail thank you piggies. I did a lot of shopping with my girlfriends this weekend and had a ton of sex. I hooked up with my girlfriend Kirstin on Saturday night after a long night of flirting and drinking we just decided it was gonna be so hot to go back to her place and get in her jacuzzi, drink champagne and get naked and lick each others pussy’s. Have I got your attention yet boys?
It would have been nice to have some pool boy jacuzzi bitches there to rub our feet and keep our champagne ice cold.
My Niteflirt flash quiz had lots of winners this weekend but even more losers. More losers paying their way to the extra loser prize. You bitch’s need to do your homework a little bit more if you want to be a hardcore Jenny jerker.
My badly craving slave has to wait until Friday to get himself a new pre paid Visa so he can hide his addiction to me from his wife. His wife can never know about this submissive side of his where he turns into a completely hypnotized jerk off slave.
Sissy boy Brady sucked on his first cock for me this weekend and came back with the picture of cum on his face and the messy makeup to prove it. I can’t for the cock lover to suck on tons of cock for me and make me lots and lots of cash like a good little sissy whore.

Gold Shiny Ass Worship

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