The Greediest Sweetest Girlfriend A Jenny Jerker Could Ask For

September 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny Jerkers, I just got back from Chicago to go visit old friends and family. When my friends found out about Niteflirt and how I was forming a global league of Jenny Jerkers who wank away at my luscious long legs and beautiful ass they all were laughing so hard! I shared story after story about the stroke addicted pay puppets that have come into my clutches. I even treated all my friends to lovely dinners and even a little shopping compliments of you guys!
Before I left for my weekend Midwest romp a nice $500 drive by cash drop from MissJennysatmpig was dropped off into Jenny Mutual and gave me a nice fill up before my weekend get away. There is nothing that gets my little pussy more turned on then a good drive by.
Carlos has been trying so hard to fight his addiction to Niteflirt and all the pretty girls but, it’s never ever going to work. Once you become a Jenny jerker you’ll always be a Jenny jerker. Carlos dared to show me a picture of his super greedy bratty ex girlfriend Kirsty on cam and well of course I screen grabbed it! I told him to send me a small tribute of $50 to not post the picture and he never really said anything, I then demanded $100 for him being a late responder. I was also going to lunch with my friends and it was now his responsibility to pay. I really hope Kirsty doesn’t find herself on this Princess femdom website, that would be so fucking embarrassing. Every dime goes to me.
Skiddz is such a brown nosing bitch boy he got the chance to talk to my boyfriend AND me last night for $10 a min, he had the nerve to ask my boyfriend if he could hear him spank me, Sorry not for $10 a min, but a $200 tribute did get me on my knees with my ass up in the air getting spanked by my big cocked boyfriend. It was so hot getting spanked and paid that I needed to get fucked the second I got off the phone. Skiddz begged to listen to my boyfriend fuck me but he said he had no cash left. Fill up your wallet then you can hear me get fucked nice and hard. That’s just the way this ultimate cuckold GFE Pay Princess plays.


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