The Oinking Oinktard Paper Bagged Loser Gets Humiliated

November 13, 2009 · 1 comment

Introducing the Oinktard paper bag loser. He came on his loser knees needing to get used and taken advantage of with my greedy spoiled ways. My ass keeps teasing him and I just can’t stop mocking how small his cock is. My boyfriend and I have been laughing about this loser all week long. Ohhh Oinktard would just give anything to be a little cuckold pig and get to clean out my panties fresh after my man fucked me.
With various tasks and assignments the oinktard sent me this lovely loser poem. It’s pretty sucky but it was the thought that counts, right? Ha Ha Ha, I Charged him $40 because it kinda blew ass. I sent him out on a mission for this week to go out to Victoria Secret and complete his lingerie purchase task. I told him to go for sexy red or pink my 2 favorite colors. I won’t let the oinktard cum either, I mean why should I?
While his was cock throbbing for me and never being able to release he falls further down the cock stroking hole of deep state Jenny Jerker hypnosis. At some point I’ll probably let him cum, but for now that’s just not on the agenda.

Poetry by Oinktard for Princess Jenny
Princess Jenny makes me sweat and drool
I jerk and oink as my saliva begins to pool
at my feet, and I stare at her perfect ass
and know that to her, I’m lower than trash
 I once did wonder where I belonged in this world
But now Princess Jenny has appeared like a pearl
And revealed to me my place in life:
Beneath Her! Beneath Her!

oinking retard

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oinktard November 14, 2009 at 11:29 pm

I’m so happy my humiliation can amuse you Princess! I’m so sorry my poem was so horrible, but I’ll try to please you by going even lower and humilating myself even more for you! Being mentioned on your blog is such an honor, thank you Princess!

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