Tight Shiny Metallic Blue Pants & Bikini Top Worship Niteflirt PPV

October 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Once again I did not win the football pool but it’s getting better, sissy picker has dug me out from the last place hole so I’m not totally pissed off. Sissy picker got so lucky I made him wear a really hot pair of panties he stole from his friend to the Yankees game. They were white with pink dots and a black trim and he made sure they were carefully tucked in making sure no one was going to discover what a pussy boy he is.
I provoked some boys with my sexy new pay to view photo set I sent out on Niteflirt. I teased a few wallets into a nice game of raise the rate and pay mail upon pay mail. You losers become so weak for me when I put that round heart ass of mine right there in your face for you to lick. I made some hot new clips for you little ass pay puppets to Jenny jerk too.
8 HOT High Res pictures The look of metallic blue lycra pants against my perfect Princess round ass has you begging to serve your Princess Jenny. Skin tight tease in a bikini top taking it off teasing you with my tits and ass. If you didn’t already buy it then get it right now jerk off!

Blue Shine Niteflirt PPV

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