Tommy Transforms Into Sissy Kelly

June 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Monday funday! I’m in the best mood ever probably because I just got a bunch of gifts from piggy Todd who spoiled me with more hot bikinis, some adorable flip flops and a $100 gift card to my spa to go get a Mani/Pedi with an extra long foot massage. I know you boys would love to be on your knees and rub my feet all day long. Where’s my pool boy been hiding I think I need him to come over and hang with me and the girls and be our servant today. Monday funday might be beach day though I haven’t made up my mind just yet.
On his way to gay gay gaydom it’s the return of sissy Kelly! I can’t believe how but and juicy his tits have become. Look at the way his nipples are poking out all nice and puffy. Those tits look ripe and ready to suck on thats for sure. Sissy Tommy / Kelly is FINALLY moving into his own place in 2 weeks. For the past year its been nearly impossible for my sexy sissy to get all dolled up with his manly roomies around the house all time. I’m fairly confident that this new solo move will be the beginning of Sissy Kelly’s new found fagdom life. This will include MORE craigslist sessions with random men coming over to play with each other like girly sissy’s, slumber parties and lot’s of lipstick and lingerie. I am a sissy maker and YOU are a Jenny jerker!

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