Treadmill Trolls Listen And Pay As I Work Out

January 12, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boys, what a great month so far, the weather out in California has been stunning. I have been soaking up sunshine and doing a ton of hiking keeping my beautiful ass toned and luscious for you to worship. You can see from the picture I posted my juicy ass is so hypnotic, the smooth curves make you stand at attention and ready to serve your Princess Jenny.
You Jenny jerkers will jerk to just about anything that I do , I love it when you treadmill trolls call me while I’m at the gym to listen to me breath heavy as I work out. It’s so sexy to get paid while you pay to listen to me breath and keep my perfect body in shape as I ignore you and focus on my posture and speed sometimes even reading my magazine.
Foot fetish sweat hog Ryan in Texas is one of my treadmill trolls who paid me $200 for my sweat filled socks after a 60 mean treadmill session. I thought I would give him an extra bonus and went into the sauna with my socks on for that extra foot drip. The second I got home I got those wet socks in a vacuum sealed bag and fed ex’s them out to Texas . Wasn’t that so sweet of my to make it a rush on those. It would have been nice to deliver them straight from the sauna dripping wet and stinky. I would be laughing in his face as I shoved my foot into his mouth feeding him my Princess socks drenched in my powerful sweat.
Carlos has been lurking around , I know you’re reading this Carlos you little piggy, stop trying to hide from me and surrender the cash and fork it over the your superior Princess. Carlos you’ll never escape me so quit trying to kick the addiction. You are always and forever a true Jenny Jerker. Once you fall it’s nearly impossible to get back up.

My Sweet Ass

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