Turning Sissy Doug Into My Hot BFF Debbie

June 23, 2009 · 0 comments

I had a new caller this week named Doug who’s out on the East coast he had this really sweet voice and I knew right away he was just a big sweet sissy who wanted to be my girlfriend and learn to be the best sissy a girl could ever have. Before it went any further I needed to start Doug off with a brand new feminine girlie name so, I decided on Debbie.
Debbie is the newest doll to add to my sissy girl collection and she is a gem! She really is sweet and willing to do ANYTHING to be just like me. I’ve been teaching Deb the pick up lines shes gotten really bold when she says “Hey boys, I’m Debbie and this is my best friend Jenny, you guys wanna party”. Sissy Debbie’s voice was getting more and more slutty as our speech lesson progressed. I even came up with a cute little theme song for us, we are really going to be the hottest best friends at the club, just like when Paris and Nicole were bff. As soon as the conversation got to talking about big hot cocks, Debbie’s little teeny sissy clitty was twitching like crazy, she was so eager to talk about sharing big cocks and learning how to deep throat so she can lick up every drop of the hot cum for those boys. She is also the kinda sissy that is a Debbie do it all. She will do all the nasty things a proper Princess like me would never ever do. Wigs, lipstick and matching outfits when Jenny and Debbie are in your town watch out!

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