Ugly Sissy Webcam Humiliation

June 13, 2013 · 0 comments

Jenny jerkers, sorry for the blog slack but I’ve been busy being a Princess and getting ready for the Summer. By getting ready for the Summer I mean making a ton of money off the loser slaves like you who follow my every femdom move. I’ve been getting my tan on and my work outs so my ass is perfect and ready for you to worship, dream of licking and sniffing.
I love my sissy boy callers so much because they always find ways to entertain me. I met this new sissy loser professing his worship for me looking absolutely pathetic. The nylons over the face really is a shitty disguise. If this losers wife happens to roll upon it she’s definitely going to recognize him. We all know I won’t care, thats what makes me a heartless homewrecker. I just don’t give a fuck because lets face it, its just about me and always will be. If he was really that concerned if I was going to be a home wrecking bitch he probably shouldn’t have given me the ammunition to load my bitch gun with. He can’t really afford to be a good bitch and spent so much time talking about how he can’t afford this I was about to stuff his mouth shut with dollar bills and tell him to go fuck off. But, Im such a greedy Princess that I took as much as I can from the sissy loser like I should have.
Do you think about getting home wrecked by a hot young Goddess? Do you jerk off thinking about me calling your wife/girlfriend and telling her that I control your orgasms now and make you pay for them? Tell me your thoughts Jenny jerkers

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