UK Loser B Gets Rinsed By A Greedy Princess

December 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Tick tock the holidays are closing in like I’m closing in on your balls and wallets. A new piggy from the UK found his way to my site and was looking for a beautiful, smart American girl to give him a rinsing (For you Americans thats what they say in the UK when a hot girl uses a man for money and gifts and gives nothing in return). It was a good thing I knew exactly what his Fetish called for and I immediately went to work on him.
I charmed his wallet like a snake as it opened nicely for me, first to get started he bought a handful of clips which kept him busy for a good half hour. He became so hypnotized at that point that I thought it was time to really give it a go. The Amazon gift cards were coming by the hundred until we reached $1000 and then he begged me to cum. I decided he needed to send me another $1,000 to let his disgusting dribble come out while he was watching my clips. The English bald bloke did it, he sent the second thousand. I rinsed that cash pig dry and then hung up on him. He immediately called back to thank me for being such a greedy bitch. I laughed and told him not to come back again until he could keep up the same pace. With a big smile on my face I’m off to meet some friends for massage and then lunch. I think we all know who’s paying.

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