Using Boys In Bars At The Beach

July 28, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey everyone! Happy hump day , have I mentioned how much into Big Brother I am and I kinda can’t get enough of it. I love that show, I wish I could watch the UK version as well. I spent the past few days at my friend Casey’s place out in Malibu to hang with some of our friends who came in town from San Diego. We had the best time, laughing, drinking margaritas, making fun of people, going to bars and teasing tons of guys. While my friend Casey and I were down near the beach taking pictures this group of guys were staring at us. We totally ignored them of course. Finally one of them had the balls to come over after he saw my flashing my tits for some photo sets. Casey and I looked at each other slightly annoyed but, I can always make something fun out of this situation.
Average looking in the face, decent body this dude looked like the typical “actor” type around town. He said his name was Sam and wanted to know if we wanted to meet him and his friends at a bar on the corner. We said we would come over when we were finished. I could smell a submissive ready to be worked over. We took our sweet time knowing they were going to sit and wait to see if we would show. We got over the the bar and they were so excited to see us. The offered us drinks right away and we took them up on the offer and sized up these guys to see where the night was going to take us.
We started doing lemon drop shots and I was getting super wasted. I remember one of the guys asking me if he could see my tits and I just laughed and told him to call me on Niteflirt. He had no idea what Niteflirt was so I had to explain to him the whole phone sex thing. So he hopped on his iphone went on Niteflirt and bought a bunch of my photo sets. The loser was so excited, I told him I would go in the bathroom and flash him my tits if he gave me $200. He went to the ATM and got me my cash and was ready ready to see my hot tits in the flesh. I made him get on his knees and bow to my feet and then kiss my soles and only then would he get a flash. He dropped down and extended his fist full of twenty’s and flashed him my bikini top that was under my shirt. Ha Ha Ha, used and teased . He was begging and I wanted to go home. Thanks boys!

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