Valentine Home Wrecker Is Back Again

February 14, 2012 · 0 comments

As if last year wasn’t hot enough, It can never be too hot when it comes to me in Home wrecker Jenny mode. Ready to fuck you over and destroy your life all with a beautiful smile in your face as My greedy fingers just take, take take.
What did you get me for Valentines day this year? You know what a bitchy home wrecker I am so I hope you’re getting me whatever I want. This year skip the shitty candy and cheap lingerie I want a ton more then that. Thats how I want it this year. You think I care about that wife or girlfriend? Of course I don’t I’m a professional home wrecker. This year I want you to break your back carrying all the gifts you’re going to get me. Leave the cheap shit for your lame girlfriend or wife. If you don’t maybe this year I’ll send them a sweet little love letter letting them know what you’ve been up too. You were too much of a pussy to fill out my blackmail application because you’re so scared of home wrecking Jenny. What a loser! I’m going to turn your entire life into shit if I don’t get what I want. In fact, send me a car, you can take the bus to work! Get off your fat loser ass now and head to the online mall and get shopping for ME.


Valentine Home Wrecker

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