Webcam Humiliation Sissy

February 19, 2014 · 0 comments

Sissy Eric called me on Niteflirt was so excited to show off to me what a girly sissy he looked like. I was in shock when I almost questioned if he was really a girl with those feminine features and that snorty pig nose he had on.
It had been a while since sissy Eric called me and I promised him I wouldnt take any pictures but this was juast too good. I started texting this photo around to my friends to play a quick round of “sissy or real girl?” Sissy Eric has the body of a girl all slender and a little bit of hip action. It’s his femme face and lips drenched in red lipstick ready to suck cock that really made me question it. He was getting so excited as I told him what a silly sissy he was and told him I was going to make him look like this for the rest of his life and throw what little maleness is left in is sissy body. My sissy cash bitch doesn’t want anyone to see him like this. Do you think I should post the photo where his sissy face is unblurred? Sometimes being a little blackmail Princess makes my pretty pussy wet, now im turned and and need to call stud boy over to take care of me.

pretty pig faced loser

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