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January 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Hurray my awesome blog design in complete and looking really hot! My first week at Niteflirt has been really interesting and fun. I’ve gotten some really funny emails with pictures of these loser boys with mini dicks as if I want to see these stupid gross pictures!
I spent an hour with some big fat loser who I gave my first humiliation assignment too. This fat rolly poley tub of shit got on webcam dressed up tacky too small red lingerie. We played a humiliation game of Biggest Loser meets American Idol as I made him do a work out and sing and dance to Christina Aguilara while stripping down and showing me all those big fat rolls. I had a really hard time seeing his little loser dick because it was hiding under a roll *EWWWW GROSS*
Weekend is here, I’ll have my phone on guys so get your cock up while you’re feeling down during the recession and call me the cutest pay princess!


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