What Are Ya Gonna Get Me For Valentines Day

February 12, 2009 · 0 comments

I woke up today to find a $250 Zappos gift certificate from a silent slave who left only the message of ” Princess Jenny you’re beauty is that of a young fawn. I hope this finds a smile on you’re glowing face.” Yes, it did make me happy. I bet he jerked off while he sent that certificate too.
I bought the cutest knee highs to wear for my boyfriend for Valentines day. I tried them on for him and of course his fat 8 incher was ready to go. He ended up fucking me on the couch and had me keep my lingerie and knees highs on. He got my outfit totally filthy and all cummed in and I wore it for about 2 more hours. All you cuckold sluts out there must be salivating at the thought of that right now. While I was feeling like the super hot and bratty Princess that I am I had my boyfriend film this clip to you guys to make you all hot and ready to jerk for me of course you’ll have to pay princess first.

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