What Happens To Pansy Boys In Panties?

May 17, 2011 · 0 comments

When I speak sissy’s listen, I have the power of pinkness in my palms when I get pansy boys in panties. My sissy frequency was turned really high this weekend to fucking over boys who wear panties. I was out to shame, humiliate and financially dominate any guy who lives the secret life of a panty wearing pansy ass sissy.
I really think a sissy pansy loser needs to p[ay for being such a pathetic pink loving wanker. Sissy bitch Richard Lewis paid the price of being a panty clad sissy when I bent him over on Niteflirt so hard and took his pretty panties and pulled them to the side and fucked him over so hard a couple thousand seems to have fallen right out of the ruffles. I’m making him buy a day of the week set so Monday through Friday he can be reminded that every day he’s a daily dick lover.
The sissy was whimpering like such a little girl each time punished him through Niteflirt pay to views. I was going $100 at a time and then the more I kept egging the little cash pig sissy on I kept telling the sinner that he needed to pay the price for being a little faggot boy with a limp wrist and girly undies. He needed to pay the price for being so pathetic.
I just finished making you sissy’s a clip for pansy boys to diddle your lipstick dick in those frilly frocks.

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